Let’s face the facts: the garage is a home’s dumping grounds for all seasonal decor, useless items, or things you simply don’t want to be stored in the house. Over time, the garage can become to look a bit disorganized. It’s not difficult to continue adding stuff to it without ever taking the time to organize.

Is your home’s garage starting to look like an endless pit of junk? Are you having trouble walking from one end of it to the other or finding items when needed? It’s time for a garage storage and organization plan!

Before you jump into the piles of knick-knacks, ease your anxiety by first starting with a plan. In our guide below, we break down a few garage organization ideas and plans to get your garage back to a functional condition. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about garage organization!

Start With a Cleanout 

You have tons of stuff collecting dust in your garage. Where do you begin? How do you start organizing all of your items?

Start with a cleanout. You’ll need to go through everything. This might be time-consuming, but it’s an essential step in the organization process.

Make yourself 3 piles. One pile is for items you want to keep, another is for trash, and the third is for donations or items to sell. Once complete, you should only be left with the things you actually want. 

This will make the organization process much easier on you. The hard part is now over.

Use Professional Garage Flooring

Before lugging all of your items back into your garage, start by having a professional garage flooring service come out and lay a garage floor coating down. Choose a coating that’s even stronger than epoxy

With this type of garage flooring, you won’t have to worry about the sunlight fading the coloring of it. You also won’t have to worry about moisture penetrating the floor or scratches and stains forming. Chemical corrosion will also be no match for a Polyurea and Polyaspartic coating.

Once the floor coating is complete, you can then bring in your items and begin organizing with the concern of damaging your garage floors.

Install Tool Boards

If you keep a lot of tools in your garage, then you’ll want to install a few tool boards. Tools boards hang flat on the garage walls and you can then hang all sorts of tools from them. When hanging your tools, consider placing all of the same types of tools in one row. 

When you keep all of your hammers together, all your screwdrivers together, and so forth, you’ll know exactly where to go when you need something. Because you most likely have a few other tools that can’t be hung up, you should have a toolbox storage unit located directly under your tool boards. 

This is where you’ll keep bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and more. 

Hang Bicycles on a Rack

To create as much space as possible in your garage, you’ll want to hang things out of the way, even your bigger items. Rather than using a bicycle rack that rests on the floor or simply leaning your bikes against the wall, hang them from the wall or ceiling instead. 

When you hang your bikes up, they’re easy to get to and they’re completely out of the way when not needed. 

Place Chemicals in Locked Cabinets

All chemicals or hazardous items should be kept in locked cabinets. These locked cabinets should be placed off the floor and out of children’s reach. When you have little ones running around the home, you never know what they might get into. 

They’re crafty little things as well and placing hazardous items up high isn’t enough. Place them high and in locked cabinets for the safest option. 

Use Shelves and Other Vertical Storage 

Use vertical storage options wherever you can. The more vertical space you take up, the more space is left for your actual garage. Install shelving anywhere possible. 

Use tall shelves that don’t come out too far. You can place items freely on the shelves or in bins with labels. You can use actual shelving units or install individual shelves. 

Each option will work well. You can also install wiring or rope across the ceiling for having items on. 

Turn PVC Pipe Into a Fishing Pole Holder

If you’re a true fisherman, then you can never have enough fishing poles. Are fishing poles taking over your garage? Rather than letting your poles begin tangled in their lines, use a PVC pipe to organize them

Fasten the PVC pipe along one wall of your garage. Then, carve holes in the pipe. You can then place your fishing poles in the carved out holes. 

It works great for a pole holder!

Incorporate Wire Bins With Labels

Wire bins with labels are other great garage wall organizers. Screws the wire bins onto the wall and then place all of your knick-knacks, sporting goods, or other equipment in them. 

When you place labels on the bin, it makes it easier to keep everything in its rightful spot. This is also a great way to ensure your children keep things in their place as well. 

Start Your Garage Storage and Organization Planning Today

With these tips in mind, you might be able to store your actual car in the garage now! Print out this guide and keep it by your side when you’re ready to start your garage storage and organization project. 

Are you ready to start organizing? Before you begin, you’ll want to lay down your garage floor coating.

Schedule an appointment with the professionals today to get started!