With so many floor coating choices out there it can be daunting trying to find the perfect one for your needs. Polyurea is the best choice. You’ve found the right place, and today we’ll go over why this specific floor coating has superior qualities compared to others.

If you are looking at garage floor coatings, then you may have heard of polyurea. But what is polyurea floor coating exactly? Read on for more information.

What Is Polyurea?

Polyurea is an elastomer material, which means it has rubber-like properties. It’s made from what’s called “step-growth polymerization“. This process is how the reactive isocyanate materials and synthetic resin are combined to form polyurea, the best floor coating. 

You can produce material with different characteristics depending on how the resins and isocyanates are combined. Some of these properties are color, flame resistance, water resistance, and setting time. These are wonderful properties to have in a garage floor coating!

Advantages of Polyurea Floor Coating

The best floor coating for you, such as those you see in our website gallery, will be resistant to damage from ultraviolet light. You don’t want your coating to quickly fade or yellow simply because of sunlight. No need to worry, because this doesn’t happen to polyurea.

We also apply a second layer to enhance moisture resistance. Fast cure time means no bubbles as you see with epoxy coatings. Our garage floor coating provides a great-looking finish

Benefits of polyurea coating include:

  • Scratch & abrasion resistance
  • Quick setting time
  • Weather resistance
  • Beneficial elongation properties
  • Can be applied in extreme temperatures
  • We can finely regulate coating thickness
  • Bonds to:
    • Wood
    • Cement
    • Concrete
    • Metals
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low viscosity
  • High tensile strength

Let’s compare polyurea to epoxy a little more. Polyurea has much better resistance power against moisture, UV, abrasion, chemical, and temperature. Compared to polyurethane, you’ll get superior:

  • Cure time
  • Durability
  • Chemical endurance
  • Moisture resistance

Do you want something that will preserve steel, concrete, or wooden structures from costly corrosion and abrasion damage? Our floor coating company can take care of you and apply it just right, saving you long-term costs often incurred by knock-off coatings. Our carefully formulated garage flooring protectant also resists oils, salts, scratches, and cracks.

Surface Preparation

Polyurea is unique, and so is the surface preparation that must occur before application. To get all the great benefits, ask a professional to prepare your surface and apply it. This is necessary for your garage floor coating to stand the test of time and take on certain durability challenges.

Polyurea Means Superior Strength

Now you know why polyurea floor coating is your diamond in the rough. No need to look further, unless you’re interested in sifting through the “close but no cigar” types of coatings. You’ll thank yourself later when your garage floor’s appearance and endurance stand the test of time.

Contact us today and we’ll explore the best options for you!