You might think that your garage could never double as a party space, but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of things you can do with that extra space when it’s needed, and decorating for a get-together is one.

Plants are another thing that doesn’t cross people’s minds when they think of garage party decorating ideas, but they can make a great addition to get-togethers too! The best part? They’re usually free.

You don’t have to call a florist or make a run for your closest flower shop. In fact, the plants you already have are perfect!

Read on for some of the best ideas for garage party decorating ideas.

When’s the Best Time to Host a Garage Party?

Typically, you might migrate to the garage when things become too warm or too cold to be outdoors. During the winter, you might have a lot of plants inside your garage due to the cold, which makes it the perfect time to use those plants as decor for your garage party.


Dahlias are a perfect plant for living in your garage during the winter because of their bulbous roots. These roots are great for storing nutrients and moisture through a dormant period, which leaves you with less watering to do.

Dahlia flowers look like small balloons with several petals per bloom and can be strown from anywhere in your garage to create a blooming garden party.


Like the dahlia, amaryllis has bulbous roots that need little watering throughout the dormant winter. 

These large flowers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any garage party and are great for other spaces in your home as well.

Wood Sorrels

Wood sorrels look like clovers that have small flowers. This plant also has bulbous roots that require little water, and are great to place in the garage.

Though the flowers on a wood sorrel are not as big as amaryllis or dahlias, they grow in bunches. These bunches provide plenty of greenery in even the darkest of areas and can make your garage feel like the backyard.

If you pick any flowers from the plant to hang or use as decor for your party, you also have a perfect opportunity to dry them out and use them in baking recipes.

Remember These Garage Party Decorating Ideas

Remember these garage party decorating ideas the next time you decide to throw a party! Whether it’s in your garage or another space in your home, plants are the perfect way to spruce up any space.

You also need to make sure that your garage is party-ready at all times too though, and that’s where Garage Force comes in. Our garage floor coatings are resistant to damage from ultra-violet light, making them the perfect option for your newfound party space. They’re also stain-resistant, so party spills won’t ever be a worry.

If you’re interested in our services, or just have other questions, feel free to contact us today.