The end of summer or the beginning of fall is the perfect time for that garage cleanout, and garage maintenance and repair session.

As the days get shorter and shorter, there’s no time to waste. And since you’ll be hauling all of your stored tools and amassed junk out of the garage, it’s a great time to pay serious attention to your garage floor.

Tired of Cracks in Your Concrete Floor?

Are you tired of cleaning dust, mud, and grime? Are you tired of trying to get rid of oil stains and rust marks? What about those tiresome cracks and mysterious divot holes that keep appearing?

It’s clear that you need a more radical solution. Have you ever heard of concrete coating systems? Garage Force will be happy to give you a tour of the aesthetically appealing options available to you.

Our concrete coating systems are hard-wearing, durable, and some of the strongest flooring systems around. As with any project of this nature, it’s best to call in the professionals. If you’re building something to last, it is worth making sure that it will by not making the common DIY mistakes when laying the floor.

Why Is a Concrete Sealing System Better?

The secret is in the raw materials used. Layers are involved. With our full-chip system, the first layer consists of a primer (basecoat) that is a polyurea concrete coating mixed with decorative chips.

The next layer is a clear topcoat with anti-slip properties. Effectively, this is the sealer. With it, you get a high-gloss shine and extra durability.

Does Garage Maintenance with Concrete Coating Take Long?

All that you need for the installation of a great concrete coating on your garage floor is one day for the job. And then you only have to wait 24 hours for the floor to be able to handle the usual traffic.

The quick cure time is not the only selling point. Our polyurea base has been tested as being twenty times stronger than epoxy flooring solutions available elsewhere. And with its UV stability properties, you’re not going to see it fade in the sun.

Your garage floor can extend to the exterior and can be made of the same material as your patio or courtyard. It’s so good looking, it’s worth considering concrete coatings for other floor spaces in your home too.

Decorative and Durable

When you explore our website, you’ll see that you can choose from a huge range of finishes and colors. Concrete no longer has to be dull or even look like concrete, for that matter. It now has decorative possibilities, which means you add value to your home.

Who knows, you might one day want to convert part of your garage into a guest wing or home office. With the lifetime warranty we give on most residential installations, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to re-do the flooring if you ever repurpose the garage.

Compare and Contrast

Watch our videos on how we think garage maintenance should be done – the flooring part, anyway. Did we mention how easy our industrial-grade concrete coatings are to keep clean? Well, they are.

Please contact us if you’ve got any questions about any aspect of our products or services.