Courtesy of the big uptick in remote work, around 78 percent of adults took their DIY skills up a level during the pandemic. The lack of a commute and more schedule flexibility meant people could spend more time thinking about their homes. More importantly, they had the time to do something about those problems areas.

While some people will take those hard-earned skills and be happy, others want options for taking the next step. With more than 82 million garages dotting the landscape, a workshop garage is the logical next step for many.

If you’re thinking of a garage conversion, keep reading for some key tips on how to get it done.

Plan First

Rushing into any kind of garage renovation project dramatically increases the odds that the project will fail. Instead, think about the things that must happen for the garage renovation to succeed.

For example, will you need permits and, if so, where do you get them? What things can do yourself and what things may require a contractor or professional service?

Knowing what you’ll need help for and what you’ll need permits for lets you make a plan of attack that can succeed.


Many garages come with some basic wiring, but it’s almost never enough for a real workshop. You should plan on hiring an electrician to come out and run fresh wiring. If you’re thinking of doing some serious woodworking, you may even want them to run you a couple of 240-volt outlets for larger machinery.

Insulation and HVAC

Garages aren’t designed with habitation in mind, which leaves them miserably hot and cold during the summer and winter months. You’ll need some kind of insulation in the garage workshop to help keep the temperature stable. You’ll also want some kind of HVAC, such as a window-mounted, AC and heater unit or a ductless mini-split.

Floor Protection

Most garages come with a concrete floor. Concrete is tough, but it’s not indestructible. Just as importantly, it’s a porous material. If you’re planning on changing the fluids in cars or using woodworking stains and finishes, your concrete floor will become a mess in no time.

You need some kind of surface treatment that will protect your floor. Expoxy is one option, but you can get polyurea treatments that are stronger than epoxy. Not only will these finishes prevent liquids from permanently staining your floors, but they will also protect the floor from chipping and pitting.

Build a Workshop Garage

If you want to build a workshop garage, you must focus on the essentials first. That means dealing with ongoing problems like temperature control, wiring, heating, and floor protection.

Once you get those things under control, you can start worrying about other things. For example, you think about the garage layout, what kind of storage cabinets you need, and where you’ll put your main workbench.

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