Garages may not be getting as much attention as other rooms in your house, but with 71% of families using their garage as the main entrance to their house, it’s important that it gets the care it deserves!

Like many things, garage floors will age and may eventually need repairs.

Not sure what to look for when it comes to a damaged garage floor? We’ll review the five signs that it’s time for a garage floor repair. 

1. Floor Cracking

Do you live in an area that has cold winters? If so, the freezing and thawing that your garage floor goes through during the changing of the seasons could be responsible for cracks in your garage flooring. 

Cracks are not only not nice to look at but also can cause damage to the wheels of your car when you go to park. If you are noticing these cracks, it could be time for you to repair your garage floor.

2. Uneven Floor Surfaces

Cracks aren’t the only problem a garage floor can have. Garage floors often become uneven during the building process which can cause problems down the road. 

If a garage floor is not level, it can cause water to pool up and seep into the porous concrete. If the weather is cold, the water expands and can cause the floor to buckle. 

An uneven garage floor can also be a pain if you are looking to upgrade to an epoxy floor. Before the epoxy can be applied, the floor needs to be re-leveled to ensure a smooth finish.

3. Floor Peeling 

If you have an epoxy floor in your garage and notice that it is peeling or bubbling, it may be time for a fix. 

Many people try to put their own epoxy layer on their garage floors, but if they’re not knowledgeable in the complete process of prepping and applying epoxy, the floor will very likely eventually peel up.

Although DIY epoxy floors may be tempting, leaving epoxy floors to the pros is your best bet for long-lasting epoxy garage floors. You may even want to look into garage floor coatings that can last even longer than traditional epoxy. 

4. Garage Floor Stains 

Because cars are stored in a garage, the floor is the first place any leaking fluid will collect. The salt from road trips in winter can also damage the garage and destroy the integrity of the floor.

If your garage floor starts to look stained, it may be time to consider adding a coating to your floor to keep it from further harm.

5. Age of Your Garage Floor 

Even though it may seem as if a garage floor can last forever, it can deteriorate over time. If your garage floor is older than 20 years, it’s very likely needs some maintenance done. 

Is it Time for a Garage Floor Repair?

Next time you leave the house through the garage, take a good look around. Do you notice any concerns that need attention? 

If you need garage floor repair, Garage Force can help! Contact us today and we can get your garage floor looking like new again.