As wonderful as the winter season is, there is some preparation required to be fully ready for everything it brings. This includes your garage, which typically becomes more important during the winter months, storing items and keeping them protected from the elements.

With the change of season, it’s important to consider how you can best prepare your home’s garage space for the colder months.

Whether your garage is utilized as an entertainment space or simply to store items (including your car), it’s necessary to winterize it properly. In this blog post, we will highlight how you can prepare your garage for winter.

Garage Floor Coating

Here at Garage Force, we are the experts in effective concrete coating. Our floor coating is resistant to all common chemicals, including salt, calcium, gasoline, and oil. It prevents moisture from getting into your concrete and causing damage and is also resistant to stains and damage from ultraviolet light.

If you are worried about the impact of scrapes, extreme temperatures, and chemical corrosion on your garage floor this winter, the best step you can take is to choose concrete flooring coating from our team. Not only does our floor coating help to protect your garage floor, thanks to our range of styles and colors, it will also look great.

Clear Your Space for Your Car

If your garage has space for a car, it’s recommended that you store your car indoors during the cold winter months. The cold weather can affect fluids in the car, such as gas, brake fluid, and power steering. Leaving your car outside may also accelerate the rusting process on your brakes.

You may have left your car outside during the summer and fall seasons, but now is the time to clear some space in the garage. It’s a good excuse to get rid of anything in your garage that is unnecessarily taking up space.

Seal Any Cracks

Now is a good time to inspect your garage for any holes or cracks that may be allowing cold air in. Seal these cracks using caulk. Likewise, any cracked windowpanes should be replaced.

Left untreated, cracks and holes can allow moisture into your garage, which can create a slip hazard or affect items that you are storing inside. Insects and pests are more likely to try and make a new home inside your property during the winter months, so sealing up any cracks or holes helps to protect against them.

Prepare Your Garage Space For Winter

Winter is coming—indeed, it’s already here! The above advice on how to winterize your garage space will help ensure that your indoor space is protected during the winter season.

For garage floor concrete coating that you can trust, choose Garage Force in San Antonio. Our goal is to 100% customer satisfaction and ensures that your home’s garage is fully ready for the effects of the cold weather this (and every other) winter season. Contact our professional team today to book an appointment.