At least 63% of housing units in the US have a carport or a garage. 70% of the occupied housing units in the West and Midwest regions have a garage.

However, garages are not common in rental units. Rented homes with a garage account for only 37%

Homeowners with garages experience many benefits. For instance, they enhance the safety and security of their vehicles while also protecting them from bad weather. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, a garage also comes in handy to provide extra storage space.

However, cleaning your garage coating can be a very complicated task. You might worry about peeling or scratching your garage floor coating. But again, the garage has to be clean at all times for comfortable use.

So, how do you do it? Here are five tips for cleaning your garage floor without damaging the coating.

1. Tools for Cleaning Your Garage Floor

You need the right equipment that can clean your garage efficiently with minimum risks of damaging the coating. A pressure washer sounds like a good plan for cleaning concrete floors, especially if your maintenance routine is irregular.

Even better, modern pressure washers come with a turbo tip. The turbo rip gives an abrasive water action to remove stubborn stains. However, a pressure washer may not be ideal for cleaning a polyurea garage floor coating.

2. How to Scrub the Garage Coating

The best way to scrub your garage without breaking the bank is by using a concentrated cleaning agent and a deck brush. Also, you’d want to mix the cleaning agent with warm water to easily get rid of grime.

After that, pour the solution onto the floor and let it settle for about five minutes. Scrub the floor lightly with the deck brush before rinsing with a high-pressure hose. Remember, push brooms have long bristles with large surface areas, which can damage your coating.

3. How to Remove Grease and Oil Stains

Removing oil and grease and oil stains requires light cleaning work. The most efficient way of eliminating mild stains is by using a degreaser. You can also use concentrated solutions of cleaning agents and boiled water.

Wet the stain with your DIY solution before scrubbing and rinsing with a hose.

4. How to Clean Rust on Concrete Floor

You can remove rust stains from your garage floor using DIY cleaners. If you’re dealing with mild rust stains, you can use lemon or white vinegar solutions. You pour the solution onto the rust, let it settle for five minutes, and then scrub before rinsing.

Alternatively, you can use a solution of warm water with concentrated oxalic or muriatic acid. However, over-the-counter acids can be dangerous when handled carelessly. Pour the acid into the water instead of doing it vice versa to avoid explosion.

5. Old Paint and Sealers

Did you just buy the best garage floor coating and want to apply it to your basement? For better results, you’ll need to remove old paint, sealers, or any other floor residue. You can use a chemical stripper or floor grinder to get rid of old floor residue.

Get High-Quality Coating for Your Garage

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